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Resin Tutorial: How to Add Mica Powder to Resin

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Pearlescent pigments are fun to work with, but there is a proper technique to making them work with resin. I am going to explain one way to use mica powders in resin projects. You will need a firm bristle paintbrush (i.e. not too fluffy/soft) along with mica powder(s). In terms of preparation, you should know the colors you will use and the look you’re going for when using mica powders.

Step 1:

Before you start, make sure the mold is clean (i.e. no lint, scratches, etc).

Step 2:

Start with a small amount of the Mica powder; which is easy to pick up with a paintbrush. Start with the lightest color. Mica can transfer when switching between colors. I recommend going over the mold a few times to assure you’ve covered it entirely

Clever Girl Craft Tips:

  • Take your time coating the mica powder
  • Make sure you’re pushing the powder in the crevices of the mold any missed part will show on your finished piece
  • Best to be overly cautious and apply layers of the mica powder

Step 3:

In between coats, remove excess powder by blowing it away. Molds with scales can collect powder easily. If the powder is left, you will be left with chunky sections in your piece(s).

Blend a new color with the previous color. Make sure you start right where the previous color ended, be gentle. You just need to rub the mica powder color in well enough. Any molds with cracks and crevices or sharp lines, make sure you’re going back and forth in every direction. It’s a labor of love. Make sure you are paying attention and getting deep into spaces. Therefore, turn and or manipulate the mold to make sure all areas of the mold are covered with the mica powder. Anywhere resin is going to touch, needs to have mica powder on it (i.e. sides, corners, etc). Think of when applying eye shadow, you want to make sure it’s blended well and without any ridges.

Step 4

Next, pour your mixed resin into your mica-coated mold. If you need to learn how to mix epoxy resin or need a refresher, here is where I explain How to Mix Resin the Right Way.

Clear resin isn’t the best option when using the brushed mica powder technique. Instead, mix an opaque acrylic paint into your resin. I usually use 2 or 3 drops of white or black acrylic paint for every 2 tablespoons of resin.

When pouring the resin into the mold, you want to pour slowly and into the deepest part of the mold to avoid air bubbles.

Tap the mold against the table to make sure the resin fills all areas/crevices of the mold.

Please Note:

  • If adding paint, add a few drops to the resin, to begin with.
  • Make sure the resin is mixed well i.e. no clumps
  • Air bubbles aren’t as present when adding paint and so you can mix faster
  • Continue to pour slowly and observe where you need to fill

Last Step:

Pop any surface air bubbles with a heat gun and allow your piece to cure.
❤ Lydia Diaz

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