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How to Mix Resin the Right Way

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I am here to share my knowledge and practical techniques in order for you to “cut through” the stage of trial and error with using resin. Listen, “getting it right”, with resin, does not have to be a “trial and error” journey.

Most of your success, when working with resin, is going to hinge on how you mix the resin. This is where most mistakes happen. Everything about mixing is about precision and patience. Nailing your resin mixture is vital in obtaining flawless pieces. Don’t worry, I am here to help!

Now precision wise, for most epoxy resins (not all) you need to have a 1:1 ratio; which means having equal parts of the hardener and resin. It is extremely important to get the portions “right” or you run the risk of your items not curing properly or them becoming sticky. Lastly, patience is a key element in the overall process. Rushing the process will cause problems down the road. As they say, “don’t rush things that need time to grow”. Being patient will allow you to take time to assure you’ve mixed the “right way” i.e. adhered to the 1:1 ratio and focused on removing bubbles from your resin (more on this below).


Resin Essential: Gloves, popsicle sticks, cups, epoxy: resin and hardener, and alcohol.All of the above items are basic essentials to use every time you are working with resin. Rubbing Alcohol can be used with a paper towel and or wipes for cleaning up spills. Popsicle sticks or silicone mixing sticks are used to stir the resin. Mixing cup sizes will vary based on what you’ll be making. Lastly, gloves are key. I wear nitrile gloves every time I am working with wet resin and handling bottles and or moving the wet molds. Remember that resin is a chemical and you want to avoid it getting on your skin. I personally love and use Art & Glow Resin as it cures clear and I have never had any issues with this brand. You will need both, resin and a hardener, in order to create your epoxy resin. They’re usually sold in a set.


Remember, you will need both, resin and a hardener, in order to create your epoxy resin. You can mix as much as you want, they just have to be equal parts. Careful measuring and thorough mixing of epoxy resin and hardener are essential for epoxy to cure properly.

Mix resin and hardener in the same cup/container (example pictured above). Resin is thicker than the hardener so if you pour them into separate cups, then combine, you may end up having unequal parts. Remember precision is key.


  • I recommend mixing in the same cup
  • You will need to combine equal parts of the hardener and resin

Now here is where “patience” comes into play. If you rush mixing your resin and hardener you begin to introduce air bubbles into your epoxy which are extremely difficult to remove. Please note: you are always going to have some bubbles as that is just the name of the game. Let’s talk about the “right way” to mix your resin. Remember to take your time. It can take anywhere from 1 – 3 minutes to mix the resin properly and thoroughly. While mixing you want to scrape the bottom, around the edges, and or anywhere where unincorporated resin &/hardener is found. Patience + Precision i.e. thoroughly are very important factors in obtaining “the right” resin mixture. You may start to see that your resin is mostly “clear” but has traces of “white wisps” thin white strands throughout your liquid. If you see this, know that you are almost there! You need to continue mixing until the white wisps are completely gone.

T I P S:

  • If the resin is too cold you will have a lot of air bubbles and will not cure properly
  • Mixing in an environment that is too cold will produce a lot of microbubbles in your piece
  • Mixing in an environment that is too cold can also prevent your piece from curing completely

S T E P S:

1. Pour your hardener and resin in the same container/cup (Remember the 1:1 ratio)2. Slowly mix 3. scrape the bottom, edges, etc4. Keep mixing; slowly5. Continue mixing until its clear and there are no white wisps


1. Proper Mixing is key! Remember to be patient.2. Pour with precision. Remember to keep that 1:1 ratio i.e. make sure that your measurements are on point3. Mix slowly. Take your time and, you already know; be patient!4. Mix AND store your resin in 70 – 75 degree* room to avoid microbubbles and allow for proper curing time. *Check your resin bottles for exact temps.

T I P S:

  • Again, take your time mixing the resin; mix well and mix slowly.
  • Be mindful of your room temperature so that your resin can cure properly
  • Be patient and precise; you can do this!

❤ Lydia Diaz

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