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Paint Your Own Earrings Craft Kits

Paint your own earrings Kit

With Spring springing and Easter just around the corner, I’m feeling extra crafty! This past week I created a brand new craft kit for kids and adults to enjoy. These Paint Your Own Earrings kits include a few pairs of pre-assembled acrylic earring blanks, paint pens, and a mini earring stand (which is also paintable)! […]

Why I created the Satin Lined Sun Hat

Satin lined sun hat

In September 2020 I was getting ready to go outside with my daughters. As the girls got ready I put on my sunblock and grabbed my sunhat. I tried putting it on but it would NOT fit. If you can’t find what you need, make it yourself I had just put in box braids the […]

Why I Left Etsy

This blog should actually be titled “Why I am no longer listing my items on Etsy, but some of my downloads will stay there to hopefully direct people here”…but in the interest of brevity here’s why I left Etsy. I’ve been a craftpreneur since 2017 and Etsy was my first “home”. Etsy offered a free […]

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