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Resin Tutorial: 5 Easy Ways to Add Color

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There are many ways to add color to your resin pieces. This will allow you to add dimension to your pieces and make your pieces pop. Below, I will be discussing 5 techniques (Holographic powder, glitter, acrylic paint, mica powder, and glow powder) for coloring your resin.

Technique #1: Holographic powder

For this method to work, you need to be using a silicone mold that has a shine. Using a mold with a shine will allow for your piece to pickup the holographic powder best. The holographic powder comes in a small pot with an applicator; which is similar to an eye shadow brush. You can use the applicator or a brush. First, dip the applicator/brush into the powder and coat the mold.


When a mold is shiny on the inside, it will transfer the shininess onto your resin piece. Your finished piece will have a glossy sheen versus a matte finish. Even if your final product starts off shiny, it will lose its shine over time with normal wear and tear. Lastly, use tape to remove dirt and debris from your mold before pouring resin.

Please Note:

  • The holographic powder is really fine
  • An applicator is great for coating flat surfaces
  • A brush is helpful to coat the corners of molds
  • Look at all angles as voids will be seen if the mold is not fully coated
  • A paintbrush will help to reach the corners and or edges

Once you’ve coated the mold with the holographic powder, you are ready to add your resin. In, 5 Easy Ways to Add Color to Resin, I added the holographic powder to two pieces in order to provide a comparison when black and white paint is added to already mixed resin.

Please Note:

  • As you pour the mixed resin, make sure the resin is getting into every nook and cranny of the mold; especially if there are sharp edges.
  • You can fill the mold as full or shallow as you’d like with the resin
  • Darker colors will pop much more when using a holographic powder

Technique #2: Glitter

For this method, you will need alcohol ink and glitter. Feel free to use various sizes of glitter in your pieces. First, Add a few drops of alcohol ink to already mixed resin. Once you have your desired color, you can add your glitter to your resin.

Please Note:

  • You can add different types/sizes of glitter
  • The glitter will drop to the bottom of the mold.
  • Make sure mix really well to make sure incorporated well

Technique #3: Mica powders

For this method, you will need Mica Powder and Resin. Mica Powders are more of a shimmer than a glitter and has a pearlescent look. Mica Powders can be used for soap making, resin, and other crafts. First add a small amount of the mica powder to your already mixed resin. A small amount will change your resin to a rich color. Lastly, pour your mix into your mold.

Please Note:

  • Mix a small amount at a time
  • When working with larger quantities, to avoid clumps, start with a small amount. Have the resin thoroughly concentrated and then add to your larger portion

Technique #4: Acrylic Paint

This is the easiest method to color resin is with acrylic paint. You will need an acrylic paint of your choice. First, add a drop or 2 of acrylic paint to your resin. Then you will simply mix and pour it into your mold.

Please Note:

  • When adding glitter with acrylic paint, make sure to not pour too much paint. The paint will block the glitter/sparkle.
  • If your piece is too opaque, you can add a little resin and it will make it more translucent

Technique #5: Glow powder

For this method, you will need alcohol ink, (Art + Glow) glow powder. Art + Glow is the most vibrant glow powder that I’ve personally ever used. First, add a few full scoops of glow powder to your resin. The powder is heavy and therefore will sink to the bottom. Now add a few drops of alcohol mix and mix, mix and mix. Lastly, add your mix to your mold.

Please Note:

As you’re creating your piece, keep in mind that:

  • The glow powder is going to sink no matter what you do
  • Glow powder has a gritty consistency


Below is a visual for the five techniques, Holographic powder, glitter, acrylic paint, mica powder, and glow powder, you can use to color your resin.

Please Note:

When removing pieces from the mold, stretch the outer edges so that it releases. ❤ Lydia Diaz

You Can Watch My “5 Easy Ways to Add Color to Resin” at Lydia Daily

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